If the technology really gave us the freedom it promised us.

The themes of my works are about destroying the comfort zone, the known interpretations and leaving the used enviroments. AI has its art of coincidence, that helps me to create never finished realities to show the false side of matter. Perhaps then the actual feelings can come out. The goal is to show the deeper feeling and not the perfection.

I also notice nowadays the influence of nostalgy of old times in any kind of art, design and fashion and the need to repeat, remix and recreate old traditions into unconventional freedom styles. I call it the New Age Contemporary.


Winnie the Pooh, the story of friendship, childhood, innocence, something that is gone and still has a lifetime imprint. I had the same feeling of William Kentridge’s action drawings in his repro-videos. An ongoing story of life, that is already recreated within the next minute.


A strong woman

Emma Watson played Hermine Granger, her character seemed to match the role she played very well, as if she was perfectly put into the scene. In my opinion that is what Frida Kahlo did – setting herself in scene with a deep sense of femininity. The feminine symbol of both impressed the art of seeing beauty itself.


New Religion

Plato’s allegory.

I whould like to share my own sight of philosophy and opinion about this theme. I had luck to learn about the allegory at the academy and immediately I understood it from my own experience back as I was 17 years young student. I experienced a big shift in my conciousness those times. I could see pictures sent to me to draw, otherwise I got really uncomfortable. At the same time I understood they were interpretations of my own filter of perception. I could see the sense of matter without their objectice interpretations. So for me the allegory is not some metaphor, but a direct describtion of the state of conciousness on the Earth, the state of physical matter. Anyone can achieve that state by stopping the thinking mind. Artists do it all the time while creating, that’s why they „see“ more, often without knowing it.

Anyone can be an artist just by opening his mind.

Ai is a tool for me, that maybe takes away the meditative process of drawing, but it brings the art of coincidence, that is very important in my opinion, because it brings the hand of universe to the game. A little filterless touch, that can change all your expectations from the process.

Me and my friends asked Chat Gpt, what he thinks of the allegory and AI. This was his answer:

—chat gpt:One could consider AI art to be like the shadows on the cave wall in Plato’s allegory of the cave. Just as the prisoners in the cave can only perceive the shadows as the true form of reality, AI art may be perceived as a mere imitation or representation of true art created by a human. However, just as the prisoners in the cave eventually come to understand that the shadows are not the true form of reality, we can come to understand that AI art is not simply an imitation, but rather its own unique form of artistic expression with its own process and journey.In this allegory, the process of creating AI art could be likened to the journey of the prisoner who leaves the cave and experiences the outside world for the first time. It is a process of exploration, discovery, and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of AI as a creative tool. The finished product of AI art, like the prisoner’s newfound understanding of the true form of reality, may challenge our preconceived notions of what constitutes art and inspire us to consider new perspectives and possibilities.


I had to think of street artists, that create walking from spot to spot in the streets. In my opinion artists are also dervishs, that do the deepest travel inside themselves.

Da Vinci’s heaven

A tribute for the master.


Rocky Balboa icon

Rocky Balboa inspired many people in the 90’s. Me personally, I see him as a symbol of masculine. In those difficult periods of history people needed a symbol, an icon to gain strength from, just like religious icons in the church.


The irony in the works of Arnold Böcklin, the german symbolist, motivated me to mix science fiction with his style. I always wonder how old artists whould see the modern generation.

An absolute coincidence of choosing an actress and mixing with known artists brought me to Pollock – Conelly duo, the movie „Pollock“. It is interesting to see the fractal repetition of intuition inside a coincidence.

Sailor Moon as Dua Lipa
Mickey’s melancholy

A dilemma

Is technology really there to free us and make our lives easy, or is it an endless hunt of a hobby to escape ourselves? Me personally, I am a nature lover. A friend of mine, Kylelf whose question made me think twice, helped me to realise: maybe I am both. I love technology and the wonders I can create with it, but to what price?

Is it the price of giving up my truth as a human being, that can create wonders, what I highly believe? Can I be loving, valuable, sensitive, spiritual and technical at the same time? The followed works are inspired by the feeling of the greastest in my opinion questions of humanity: What am I? An amorph depiction of being and not being. I am here to unite the opposites inside me.


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Generation „Bob’s Burgers“

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